Killing CORS Preflight Requests on a React SPA

Our company's recruitment platform evolved from a Rails application into a classic SPA app. The Rails app serves as a RESTful API backend while the frontend »

Using Service Accounts to act on behalf of your Google Apps Users

Automated Interview Scheduling At AlphaSights, we built an internal applicant tracking system and one of its coolest features is the ability to allow a candidate to »

How could I miss Giordano Bruno?

In 2010, I was in Rome with Jacky, following a night tour. There was a brief mention of a martyr Giordano Bruno when we passed by »

Brooklyn War Memorial

I've been living in New York for almost 2 months, but last week was the first time I spent a day out on Saturday, just walking »

Today I felt the joy Developers give to people

I'm a developer. I spend most of my time coding features for stakeholders and other developers. Some part of the day is spent challenging and filtering »